Readings and Meeting Dates for 2021-22

Topic: Reproductive Technologies

Time: Fridays, 2:00-3:30pm

Friday Oct 29: Human Capital

Lucy van de Wiel, 2020. “The Speculative Turn in IVF: Egg Freezing and the Financialisation of Fertility.” New Genetics and Society. Special Issue “Frozen: Social and Bioethical Aspects of Cryo-Fertility.”

Michelle Murphy, 2017. “Introduction,” The Economization of Life, Duke UP, pp. 1-14 

Extra: Roberts, Celia, and Catherine Waldby. “Incipient Infertility: Tracking Eggs and Ovulation Across the Life Course.” Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, Technoscience, vol. 7, no. 1, spring 2021.

Friday Nov 26: Abortion

Manon S. Parry, 2021. “Museums and the material culture of abortion” Representing Abortion, edited by Rachel Alpha Johnston Hurst, pp. 61-74.

Rosalind Petchesky,1987. “Fetal Images: The Power of Visual Culture in the Politics of Reproduction,” Feminist Studies 13:2, pp. 263–292

Extra: Brian Calendar, Margaret Carlyle, Julie Chor, “The Power and Politics of Fetal Imagery,” The Lancet 398 (October 2021): 1208–1209.

Friday Jan 28: Contraceptives

Laura Briggs, 2002. “Demon Mothers in the Social Laboratory: Development, Overpopulation, and “The Pill,” 1940–1960, Reproducing Empire: Race, Sex, Science and U.S. Imperialism in Puerto Rico, UC Press, pp. 109-141.

Jennifer Nelson, 2003. “An Instrument of Genocide:” The Black Nationalist Campaign against Birth Control.” Women of Color and the Reproductive Rights Movement: and the Reproductive Rights Movement, NYU Press, Chapter 3.

Extra: Jesse Olszynko-Gryn, Technologies of contraception and abortion, Reproduction Antiquity to the Present Day (2018)

Friday Feb 18: Pregnancy Testing

Jesse Olszynko-Gryn, 2019. The feminist appropriation of pregnancy testing in 1970s Britain Women’s History Review Vol 28, pp. 869-894.

Karen Weingarten, forthcoming with Bloomsbury, draft of “Designing the Home Pregnancy Test,” Chapter One from Pregnancy Test.

Friday Mar 25: Childbirth

Readings TBA